Harness - Stunt Puppy Go-Dog-Glo
Harness - Stunt Puppy Go-Dog-Glo
Harness - Stunt Puppy Go-Dog-Glo
Harness - Stunt Puppy Go-Dog-Glo
Harness - Stunt Puppy Go-Dog-Glo
Harness - Stunt Puppy Go-Dog-Glo
Harness - Stunt Puppy Go-Dog-Glo

Harness - Stunt Puppy Go-Dog-Glo

We've been working the team at Stunt Puppy for a while on this harness, trying to figure out the best mix of fabrics, design, functionality and Stunt-Puppy-ness. We didn't just want a harness that was for dogs that don't function well on a collar; we wanted a harness that made being out with your dog safer and more comfortable for everyone involved.  

We had a pretty big list of things to cover off, and By-George, we think we've cracked it! 

We think you'll dig 
  • Designed for the best comfort and fit across a range of body shapes, taking the pressure off soft tissues while holding its position no matter what the end-of-the-leash antics 
  • Lead attachment mimics a martingale-style* collar that helps you teach your dog about pressure-on-pressure-off* and peaceful on-leash walking  
  • Lead attachment is a stainless steel D-Ring fixed to the top of the harness so the lead stays in position no matter what side you walk on 
  • Super comfortable tubular webbing is soft, strong and resists twisting
  • High visibility 3MScotchlite fabrics on the chest panel for visibility up to 150m in low light 
  • Super durable, super-light and water resistant  X-Pac fabric on the front protects the internal padding from getting wet, icky, torn and smelly 
  • No doubts about how it's meant to be put on - there is no inside out, upside down or back to front, nothing to thread, fold back on itself or insert piece A into slot B
  • Adjust the fit first time, and you're good to go - unless you change your mind in which case the Duraflex™ ratchet buckles make on-the-fly adjustments super-easy  
  • Made in Minneapolis, MN USA

Three sizes covering dogs ranging from 7 to 50 kg.

SMALL fits girth 13 - 58cm(15"- 23")

MEDIUM fits girth 58 - 74cm (23"- 29") 

LARGE fits girth 74 - 94cm (29"- 37")

*What Do You Mean By Pressure On Pressure Off?

We're not dog trainers or behaviourists, but we do know a little about minding our doggy manners and being hauled around by your dog isn't exactly pleasurable for you or polite behaviour from your dog. 

Pressure-On-Pressure-Off is a way of teaching dogs that a loose lead (pressure off) gets you places, a tight lead (pressure on from pulling) does not. Also known as contrast training it helps dogs understand how their choices help them to get what they want - whether that's your praise, to keep walking forward, to check out that tree or have a treat. Check out Mark Vette's DogZen training tips on contrast training, or Tyler Muto's K9 Connection channel on YouTube for more information on this. It might just change your life ... 


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