What Size Is My Dog?

There is a sizing chart on each product page of the site to help you get the best fit. However, as a quick guide we recommend the following: 

First, you don't need to go mad measuring all angles and sides of your dog to work out what size they are. For jackets we only need two measurements:

  • Their body length from the top of their shoulders (midway between where their collar sits and the top bony points of their shoulders) to the base of their tail. This is the most important of the measurements.  
  • Their body weight which helps confirm the size.

We also have given some breed reference points as a guide to help you imagine the size of a dog that fits this jacket. We've used common breeds so don't take it too literally but imagine the size of your dogs body compared to these common breeds. Don't worry if they're taller or shorter in the legs, just the size of their cuddly torso is important (unless you are wanting pants for your dog, although we don't make pants as that would be silly).

For example, you may have a whippet-pointer-spaniel that has ended up the size of a labrador so that would give you an idea of what size to compare against.   

Note that sizes marked * are not available in all styles so please check the sizing chart on the product page for the available range.   


For a life jacket it's really all about their weight because that's what we're trying to keep afloat. So, start with that and again we've used a similar set of breed-body-type reference points.



For collars it's super simple and it's just a measurement around their neck and there is significant adjustment. 

Regular collars adjust from 35cm to 54cm and are made from a 2.5cm width webbing

Small collars adjust from 30cm to 40cm and are made from a 2cm width webbing. 

Custom length collars are available by order so contact us at wag@d-fa.com if you have a special request. 

If at any time you are unsure of the fit for your dog please contact us and we will do our best to help out. If it all turns to complete custard we have a very simple exchange process.