Weatherproof Traction Boot
Weatherproof Traction Boot
Weatherproof Traction Boot
Weatherproof Traction Boot

Weatherproof Traction Boot

The pads of your dog's feet, like a high-tech running shoe or hiking boot, are made from highly specialised tissue. Amazing as this tissue is, like your dog it's not invincible and cuts, tears, ulcers and abrasions are part of living a dog's life.

Stunt Puppy Traction Booties are stunningly simple, light and easy to fit. Because they are light they don't put extra strain on the foot and pastern joints, and the looks of humilation and awkward gait associated with boots are minimised.

Pack a set of booties for your dog in your hiking pack, your first aid bag or your what-you-need-in-a-disaster kit. Here in New Zealand during the Christchurch Earthquakes many of us learned the hard way about what happens to a dog's feet when there is rubble, broken glass and toxic liquefaction to deal with. 

You'll Dig

  • Made of durable Toughtex fabric that is weatherproof and stays flexible in cold conditions 
  • Without weighty soles - think rugged slippers rather than sports shoe
  • Velstretch Elasticised velcro makes these easy to fit, fasten and is surprisingly good at keeping the boots on - just ask the sled doggers of the Pisa Ranges     
  • They're not super expensive so you don't feel obliged to backtrack and search the trail for lost booties because let's face it, these things are bound to happen  
  • We sell them in multiples of one so the odd one going AWOL isn't a problem
  • They are colour coded so if you have multiple sizes, or multiple dogs then it's easy to keep track.

    Wear Them

    • During exercise in snow or any conditions where the conditions are tough on paws 
    • When you're been to the vet and you've got stitches in your feet
    • Where chemicals or other debris create paw-unfriendly conditions
    • On the wood floor to minimise high-speed-skates and uncontrolled acceleration toward the front door.  


    Typically dog-booties come in two sizes - too big and too small, but the Traction Bootie is remarkably flexible in its sizing. 

    Sizing is rarely an exact science when it comes to dogs, but a tape measure, pencil and piece of paper is all you need:

    • Have your dog step on a piece of paper and mark each side of a front paw at the widest part.
    • Measure that width. Likely you will need at least 3 attempts at this to get your dog to stand on the tape. Perseverance is character building for us all.
    • XX-Small Measures - 4cm at widest part - paws like a mini breed 
    • X Small Measures - 5cm at widest part e.g. paws like a small terrier 
    • Small Measures - 6cm at widest part - e.g paws like a spaniel or medium terrier 
    • Medium Measures 7cm at widest part - e.g. paws like a border collie, vizsla, pointers
    • Large Measures 8cm at the widest part - The Duchess our Rhodesian Ridgeback comfortably wears this size.  

    To make life easier when there are multiple dogs on the trail the boots are colour coded - xxs has white trim, xs is yellow, small has a pink trim, medium is green, large is orange.


    Fabric: Toughtex Fabric 
    Fastenings: Velstretch Elasticised Velcro  
    Made in the USA By Ken From Stunt Puppy

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