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Because To Us It's Never Just A Dog

Imagine your favourite outdoor brands made stuff for your dog. That they put all of their expertise and attention to comfort, performance and safety into making human grade gear for our dogs; our favourite adventure buddies. Fur, if your dog has it, is nice to touch but it does not make our dogs invincible - impervious to cold, visible at night, able to swim forever or defy gravity. 

One of the greatest ways to build relationships with our dogs is to simply move with them - to go outside, to walk and explore, play and rest together. 

The right collar, harness or leash for the job, the most comfortable jacket, the best flotation or lifting cradle all help create experiences for your dog that help build that connection - keeping your dog safe, comfortable and living life in the moment; wherever your adventures may take you. 

How We Make Gear That’s Fit For a Dog

Human-Grade Components

Human-grade fabrics mean gear that's lighter, softer, more breathable, and performs better across a range of conditions. We use human-grade fabrics and components because to us, it's never JUST a dog.

Fit-To-Move Design

There are no straight lines on a dog, so there are no straight lines on Stunt Puppy jackets. Curved panels, articulated seams, and adjustments where they're needed most allow for a customised fit that accommodates deep chests, broad shoulders, narrow waists and all the glorious combinations in between.

Lab-Test the Gear

Good on paper isn't good enough for the kind of treatment that our outdoor gear needs to endure. Every Stunt Puppy design is tested and measured by our team of Lab-Testers.

To Make It Right, We Make It in the Right Place

From the first buckle to the last stitch, we manufacture where materials and techniques are the best: New Zealand’s first-rate Merino wool; China’s flotation construction expertise; the United States’ premiere reflective technology. It all comes together at home in New Zealand or in the USA so we can ship to you with the smallest footprint possible.

We Love Our Dogs as Much as You Do

We started with a single jacket made from scraps for Jack, our thermally fragile Ridgeback, and fashioning the perfect leash for Bauer to make his hospital therapy rounds. We still design for the Jacks and Bauers who are making the world a better place, one unconditional wag at a time.

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