D-fa Dogs And Stunt Puppy

We are turning excited circles of delight here at the news that we have officially formed a pack with our friends at Stunt Puppy. We've been friends and collaborating with Stunt Puppy for many years and now we've made it even better. 

From the moment we first met at a trade show back in 2010 it felt right that we would some day combine our respective expertise and the idea of treating our dogs to the same thoughtful, quality design that we have always enjoyed in our own gear. 

We even started the same way - designing for our own dogs, making things we couldn't find anywhere else, wondering why nobody had thought of it before, making it downstairs and out the back in the garage and doing it because we loved those dogs and wanted the best for them. 

So from our separate beginnings in the backyards of Lake Wanaka NZ and Minneapolis MN, USA we are now united under the Stunt Puppy name.  From here on out you'll begin to see that name across all of the jackets, leashes, collars across our store. Change is good. This is exciting. Stay tuned for the great stuff to come.