High Visibility SAR Vest - Orange
High Visibility SAR Vest - Orange
High Visibility SAR Vest - Orange
High Visibility SAR Vest - Orange
High Visibility SAR Vest - Orange
High Visibility SAR Vest - Orange

High Visibility SAR Vest - Orange


Nighttime, low light and forest or wilderness locations call for a dog vest that's bright coloured, reflective and light-weight because being cute and furry isn't going to do you any favours against night traffic or people mistaking you for a deer.

Originally developed for the hard working Search and Rescue dogs in New Zealand, this canine vest is all about 360 degree visibility and identification. Everything about this reflective dog vest says 'Don't Shoot!'. 

Don't let its bikini-like proportions fool you into thinking this is for lying about by the paddling pool. This vest is as serious about visibility as a labrador is about bringing in the ducks. 

You'll Dig

  • Reflective strips on every side give superior reflectivity
  • Blaze orange colour is unmistakable
  • No loss of reflectivity when the jacket is wet
  • The reflective fabric does not chip, crack or peel over time
  • Does not insulate, visibility only 
  • Easy on-off with extra width fastenings and generous size adjustments.

If you are looking for something bright but also with coverage and protection from the elements, then you might like the Moon-Walker

Retro-reflection - It's Science and Magic 

We use high quality retro-reflective fabrics in all our D-fa visibility products. The SAR Vest uses fabric containing a special reflective thread which when combined with a complex weave provides extensive visibility in poor conditions. When light shines onto this fabric millions of tiny glass beads reflect the light back for up to 100m (300yd) directly to the source of the light so the driver of the car or user of the light gets the full wattage of your dog's reflective vest. 

Wear It

  • Exercising, working or playing in wet and low light conditions
  • In woodland environments e.g. bush
  • Anywhere there is a rifle involved.

The Fit

The SAR Vest offers generous adjustment and we have done everything we can to maximise the ergonomics on this small, lightweight vest. If you think of our other jackets as snow-suits, think of this as our bikini top! It covers only where it touches and nowhere else! 


Our new Stunt Puppy editions of this vest are making their way into the warehouse. They are the same as the D-fa SAR, but have a different logo on the front and a very racy segmented reflective on the side. So they are the same, same but different. 


Click on the sizing chart image on this page to size yourself up for a SAR vest. If you are unsure, please contact us and we'll do our best to help out. 


Outer: 300D Nylon
Reflective: Schoeller Spirit Reflex
Fastenings: 20mm Double Velcro
Made in New Zealand
Care: Brush off mud and other muck and dry or air thoroughly after use. Machine or hand wash on a gentle cycle with all of the velcro done up. Do not use fabric softener. Line dry. 

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