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Cool Collar


The importance of keeping your dog at a comfortable and safe temperature is no laughing matter. When the temperature climbs, providing access to shade, cool water and moving air is the only real defense against heat stress.

To give mild relief from heat discomfort, the Cool Collar packs a ring of ice (or chilled non-toxic cooling packs for use indoors) around your dog's neck that helps to cool this highly vascular area and create evaporation. 

If you are out and about, be very conscious of your dog’s temperature. Use common-sense and watch them for signs of distress. If you are out in the heat, find shade, get your dog’s underbelly and chest wet if you can, and if you feel they are in distress act quickly.

A Cool Collar is not a substitute for common-sense and please do not place your dog in any situation where they are subject to high temperatures or without access to abundant fresh air and water. 

You'll Dig

  • Simple, low tech design 
  • Fill with ice for use outdoors
  • Or with chilled cooling tubes for indoors 
  • Cooling tubes provided are non-toxic and non-staining last approximately 30 - 50 minutes depending upon activity and ambient temperature 
  • Available in four sizes     
  • Spare cooling tubes also available. Contact us for information on these.

Wear It

  • Travelling, exercising on hot days or just chillaxing on a nice day
  • If you're a squishy-nosed (brachycephalic if you're being technical about it) breed like a Pug, Boxer or Boston Terrier 


Fabric: Nylon and Mesh Outer 
Fastening: Quick Release Clip
Made By: Kool Collar [USA]

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