An Assortment of Boots
An Assortment of Boots
An Assortment of Boots
An Assortment of Boots
An Assortment of Boots

An Assortment of Boots


Choosing Your Boots

Because we don't carry a massive stock of boots the way to organise a pair is by contacting us and we'll try to set you up with what suits best from our little collection.

We have three kinds of boot available currently in sizes XXS to XXL - the woof hoof summer (breathable, stretch-mesh upper) and winter (neoprene upper), and the traction boot. Please in your email note your dog's size (see below), what kind of boot you are interested in (woof summer, woof winter or traction) and what the boot is intended for e.g. hiking, slippery floors, first aid, on a boat deck etc. 


Typically dog-booties come in two sizes - too big and too small and sizing is rarely an exact science when it comes to dogs, but a tape measure, pencil and piece of paper is all you need:

  • Have your dog step on a piece of paper and mark each side of a front paw at the widest part.
  • Do the same for back paws. 
  • Measure that width. Likely you will need at least 3 attempts at this to get your dog to stand on the tape. Perseverance is character building for us all.

The Search Continues 

We admit that we're still on the search for the ultimate boot for dogs. The reality is that dogs don't particularly like them, they come off despite best intentions of the makers and getting the right mix of durability, lightness, fastening and fit is a challenge. It's a hard road finding the perfect boot.

We don't currently make one of our own so we've been collecting ones that we think have some good qualities about them. Most importantly we are looking for boots that are low profile and lightweight so they don't put extra strain on the foot and pastern joints, that minimises the looks of humiliation and awkward gait associated with boots, and the force behind a boot flinging off on the trail is reduced.

To order boots, please contact us rather than selecting from below. That way we can set you up with the best option from our stockpile. 

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