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D-fa Dogs

D is for Dog and so are we! Imagine your favourite outdoor brand made human grade gear for your dog. Imagine MarMutt or Pupagonia or IceBarker and that's us, D-fa Dogs. Human grade fabrics and design mean dog gear that is lighter, softer, more breathable and better across a range of conditions. We believe in these things because to us it's never JUST a dog. 

We craft jackets to keep your dog dry and warm, buoyancy aids that help keep your dog afloat and dog coats that keep them visible on night manoeuvres. D-fa is dog gear that breathes, insulates, protects and allows dogs to move freely. 

It all started with a single jacket made from scraps of Merino fabric for Jack our thermally fragile Rhodesian Ridgeback. He's not with us now *sigh*, but we still design for all the dogs just like him. Our companions, our buddies, our best friends who are making the world a better place one unconditional wag at a time.

D is for DOG. It’s that simple. We are inspired by our dogs every day; big dogs, little dogs, pedigrees and marvellous mutts all out living, working and playing... doggy style.

Our dog jackets and accessories keeps it feeling good to be a dog, wherever your adventures take you. Around the block, to the park, into the wilderness.